The Borough of Bedford will begin the annual collection of loose leaves on Monday, October 31st, weather permitting.  To facilitate collection by workers, most property owners and tenants should rake their leaves directly onto the edge of the street, adjacent to the curb/edge of the street.  Only property owners and tenants whose lands are located near to and upstream of a stormwater catchbasin or are located in an area prone to street flooding after severe rainstorms are to place loose leaves along the curbing/edge of the street but not on the street.  Tree/shrub limbs, grass, flower/garden plants, rocks, blacktop, garbage, and rubbish, etc. should not be mixed in with the leaves as these items become lodged in the leaf vacuum hoses and cause unnecessary downtime.

If bagging leaves, do NOT use plastic bagsOnly leaves placed in recyclable paper bags will be collected.

The public is advised that it is illegal to burn leaves or any other material on the streets.

Barbara E. Diehl
Borough Manager