** Boil Water Advisory – LIFTED**

** Boil Water Advisory – LIFTED**

We are pleased to report that follow up testing of the water indicates that no harmful bacteria are present. It is no longer necessary to boil water prior to consumption and/or use.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

As always, you may contact the Municipal Authority of the Borough of Bedford with any questions at 814.623.8192.


A precautionary Boil Water Advisory has been issued for residents of the 100 block of Seifert Street due to a water main break. Affected Municipal Authority of the Borough of Bedford customers have been notified and we advise that all water used for drinking, cooking, the making of ice, brushing of teeth or washing of dishes be boiled. A rolling boil of one (1) minute is sufficient. As an alternative, bottled water may be used.

If you did not receive a blue door tag, you are not affected by this advisory.

This notice remains in effect until the Authority has a bacteriological survey completed that shows the water is safe. Affected customers will be notified once the advisory has been lifted.

Customers with questions can call the Authority office at 814.623.8192 or visit our website at www.bedboro.com.

Bedford Fire Department No. 1 Groundbreaking Ceremony

On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, Bedford Fire Department No. 1 broke ground for their new 12,000 square foot fire station.

A 6-bay fire station will replace the existing 3-bay station that currently sits at the corner of West Penn Street and South West Street. The fire department currently houses several fire trucks and other apparatus inside the Bedford Borough building. The fire department’s new building includes plans for a gear room, meeting and administrative offices, as well as plans for a future community/banquet room.

Fire trucks continue to grow in size and weight, which the Borough building was not designed to support, thus the need for a new station. Additionally, regulations have changed that now require gear to be housed completely separate from apparatus.

Construction kicks off mid-May and is anticipated to take approximately 12 months.

This is an amazing milestone for the community and an opportunity to pass on a legacy. Thank you for answering the call and serving our community.

Drinking Water Notifications

Municipal Authority of the Borough of Bedford (MABB) customers recently received a drinking water notification that indicated treatment technique requirements were not met.  The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) determines how and what to treat drinking water with. MABB would like to take the opportunity to educate customers on why they are receiving these notifications and what they mean. 

  • Is the water safe to drink?  YES.
  • What happened?  We routinely monitor for Total Organic Carbon (TOC).  TOC is a material derived from decaying vegetation, bacterial growth, and metabolic activities of living organisms or chemicals, i.e. it is naturally occurring.  A TOC sample is taken from the raw water and another from treated water.  The percentage removal is then calculated. MABB’s incoming raw water supply is so pure that it is difficult to remove naturally occurring substances without adding more chemicals.  Individuals not on a public water system, e.g. wells, can be exposed to 100% TOC.
  • Are there any direct health impacts?  No.  TOC has no health effects.  If you have specific health concerns, please contact your doctor. 
  • What does this mean?  There is no immediate risk.  If there had been, customers would have been notified immediately.  Tests taken during this time period did not indicate the presence of bacteria in the water.
  • What should customers do?  Customers do not need to boil water or take any corrective actions.
  • What is being done?  Monthly requirements are being met and sampling has increased.  These notifications are based on a running annual average. Customers will continue to receive notifications until the running annual average is acceptable again.

Customers with additional questions are welcome to contact the MABB office at 814.623.8192.

Municipal Authority receives over $9M in state funding to upgrade water and sewer

The Municipal Authority of the Borough of Bedford recently was awarded over $9 million in state funding to help replace antiquated water and sewer lines in the Borough. Please visit The Bedford Gazette for the full article: https://www.bedfordgazette.com/news/local/bedford-receives-state-funding-for-water-and-sewer-work/article_b366da89-d5c0-5d97-8ecb-74d6f5e49b86.html.

Winter Weather Emergency Bulletin

TELEPHONE (814) 623-8192
FAX (814) 623-3315
E-MAIL: bedfordborough@bedboro.com WEBSITE: www.bedboro.com

February 19, 2019



As a result of the probability for an accumulating snowfall for the period of Wednesday through Thursday, a “WINTER WEATHER EMERGENCY” is hereby declared to exist on the following date(s) and time(s) in the Borough of Bedford:

11:00 p.m. Wednesday, February 20th until 7:00 a.m. Thursday, February 21st

Motorists are advised that it will be illegal to park vehicles on any public streets or alleys within the
Borough or in the Fort Bedford Park Parking Lot between the aforementioned times. Motorists will,
however, be permitted to utilize the Municipal Parking Lot located in the center of the Borough behind
the Mini-Mall for overnight parking but are requested to vacate the Parking Lot by 7:00 a.m. so that
Borough Employees can plow the snow between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. The Borough Police will be
enforcing the Winter Weather Emergency declaration.

Barbara E. Diehl
Borough Manager