Code Enforcement

The Borough of Bedford is working to keep our neighborhoods clean and safe. Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing Borough ordinances where violations of structures and properties and other public nuisances occur. Code Enforcement also ensures that all uses and occupancy of properties located within the Borough comply with the zoning ordinances.

Objectives of Code Enforcement

  • Maintain strict enforcement of property maintenance regulations.
  • Continue strict controls on neglected grass/weeds, snow accumulation on sidewalks, and replacement of sidewalks/curbing as property inspections are conducted.
  • Enforce smoke testing result letters which were sent to property owners in connection with the Municipal Authority’s I/I Plan (5-Year Plan to Eliminate CSO in Bedford Borough).

The Borough of Bedford works closely with Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance (PMCA) to ensure codes and zoning ordinances are enforced.

Bedford Office:
125 S. Richard Street, Suite 102
Bedford, PA 15522
Phone: 814-310-2326
Fax: 814-310-2338