Signs – FAQ’s

Do I need a permit to place a sign on my property or building?

§150.40 of the Borough ordinances stipulates the types of signs permitted in each zoning district and if a permit is required.

Is there a fee for a sign permit?

It depends on what type of sign permit you are applying for.

  • $10 fee – Permanent Signs
  • $10 deposit – Temporary Signs (refundable upon removal of the signs)
  • No fee – Portable Signs

My business is in the Historic District. Are there any special sign requirements?

Yes.  In addition to completing a sign permit application (if applicable), you will also need to complete a Historical Architectural Review Board (H.A.R.B.) application, which can be found here.

How do I apply for a sign permit? Applications for signs may be found by clicking on the respective type of sign listed below.

You may submit via email to or submit in person at the Bedford Borough office located at 244 W. Penn Street, Bedford, PA Monday – Thursday, 9 am – 4 pm and Fridays 9 am – 3 pm.  The office is closed for lunch from 12 pm – 1 pm.  Please be advised that a permit will not be issued until a completed application is received and the applicable fee is paid in full.

What if I move my business, which has an existing sign permit, to another location within the Borough?

Please refer to §150.40 of the Borough ordinances.  You will need to determine if the zoning district you are moving to permits signs, and if so, what type of signs are permitted in that district and if a permit is required.

Does my property need to be inspected by the Borough prior to the sale of my home?

Yes.  Per §95.009 of the ordinances, properties within Borough limits shall be inspected prior to the transfer of a title to ensure that existing sidewalks and curbing meet the minimum requirements.  Additionally,  §150.55 requires an inspection prior to the transfer of a title to ensure there are no unapproved or nonconforming signs on the property.  The Borough also exercises its right at this time to also ensure that the downspouts are not connected to the sanitary sewer system, grass, weeds, shrubbery and/or trees are not overgrown and that there is no accumulation of refuse on the property.

What happens if I am not in compliance at the time of a property inspection?

A letter will be issued at the completion of the inspection stating if the property owner is in compliance with Borough ordinances or if violations exist.  If violations exist, the violation(s) will be listed and the required remediation method noted, along with the time frame that remediation must occur.  A re-inspection will be schedule to ensure that all violations have been corrected and the property is in compliance.