Yard Sales – FAQ’s

Do I need a permit to have a yard sale?


How do I apply for a Yard Sale Permit? 

Complete a Yard Sale Application and submit via email to bedfordborough@bedboro.com or apply in person at the Bedford Borough office located at 244 W. Penn Street, Bedford, PA.

Is there a fee for a Yard Sale Permit?

No, there is no fee for a Yard Sale Permit.

Are there any yard sale restrictions?

Yes.  The following restrictions apply:

  • The maximum length of the yard sale cannot exceed three (3) consecutive days.
  • No more than two (2) yard sale permits shall be issued within any calendar year.
  • At least sixty (60) days must elapse between yard sales
  •  All merchandise shall be removed from the view of the general public within twenty four (24) hours of the termination of the yard sale.

Can I place yard sale signs throughout the Borough?

Yes, you may place a maximum of four (4) signs throughout the Borough advertising your yard sale. A deposit of ten ($10) dollars per sign is required.  Upon completion of the yard sale and removal of all signs, the deposit shall be refunded to the permit holder.

Do I need a sign permit for yard sale signs?

Yes.  §150.50 requires a temporary sign permit for yard sale signs. Complete a Temporary Sign Permit Application and submit along with your Yard Sale Permit Application and deposit.

Where can I place yard sale signs within the Borough?

The permittee may erect free standing signs only.  No signs shall be posted on private property without the consent and approval of the property owner.  No signs shall be placed on utility poles, sign posts, trees, in the public square or within any public right-of-way.